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So what is a Service Officer?

We are members of various Veteran Service Organizations who provide help to Veterans with whatever they need. This includes but is not limited to help with VA claims, help with finding resources for paying bills, an ear for you to have someone to talk with in dealing with everyday issues, basically anything you need help with we will do our best to provide that help. Be sure to keep an eye on our Calendar and Forum pages, and we have lots of resources available for download and on Resources by State area.

How do I become a Service Officer?

Talk to your Post Commander and tell them you wish to be the Post Service Officer. Some Posts have to elect you, others can just appoint you. It all depends on your Post by-laws. Once you have the position, ensure that Department is notified and your District Service Officer. Include contact information and hours/days you are available, or by appointment if that is how you wish.

How do I get help from a Service Officer

To find an American Legion Post Service Officer in Arizona, go to our page for “Find a Service Officer”, input your town or zip code in the search box and a list will generate for you of American Legion Post Service Officers. You may need to check surrounding cities if there is not a Post in your town. Also, you can look at our “Link Resources” page for various places to get help.

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